So What Is The Plan?

So What Is The Plan?

Citizens. This is Becker and welcome to our new blog.

What’s the blog for? Simple I want to use this to easily give citizens a front row access to what Elliot and I are thinking and planning for NT. I also want an easy to link to resource for citizens who have questions about what NT is up to and doing. I also apologize in advance for any typos because I wanted to get this out ASAP to the community.

So that being said…I hate when people waste tons of time with aimless gibbering when they are writing so let’s begin and address probably the biggest question…

What is…the damn plan.

The Long Term Future and Vision Of NT

Before I get into the short term plan I really want to discuss the long term vision of NEO Tokyo. I have stated this many many times in discord, but because of how discord works and how people create their own narratives I feel it’s become very convoluted.

It is of my personal opinion that the crypto gaming and metaverse industry will become one of if not THE biggest industry in the world. By this I mean play to earn gaming, VR & AR living/interaction, gambling and nft ownership of digital assets in metaverse/gaming realities.

That said if you look at the market cap of all crypto gaming right now it is not even 1/10th the market cap of Ethereum. To say that we are early to this is beyond a understatement.

That said…most of this industry is just hype and fomo as well so things are extremely volatile. However.. if you dig a bit, the coming future and tech is a game changer and I expect nothing short of a future like we have seen in movies like Ready Player 1.

That’s Great…Why Is NT Relevant To This?

I’d like you to imagine before the tech boom when the internet was just starting. Imagine if you had a club of 6500 builders, investors, company owners or people actively engaged in the space all working together. Imagine all these people sharing their ideas, projects, strategies and helping support each other.


Given a 2-3 year time span BEFORE the tech boom hit, the amount built by this community and the positioning of it would lead to cataclysmic value. Hundreds of millions to even billions would of emerged from this community. The heads of many of the biggest companies in the world would have met, shared and worked together here and created the first projects, early investments, alpha…etc.

In short it would of almost been an illuminati of the tech world and the people inside would of benefitted immensely financially from the positioning and networking.

THIS Is What I Seek To Build With NEO Tokyo

ATM if you dig past floor or byte price watch chats in discord, there is an immense amount of alpha, networking, building and everything I listed above. This is what I seek to enhance over the years at NEO Tokyo.

It is my personal belief that if we focus on building a community on the premise of this, by the time the metaverse boom TRULY occurs (3-5 years from now) NEO Tokyo will be so far ahead of the curve that the potential benefits cannot even be fathomed.

My vision is a community of 6,500 people all working, building and preparing for exactly this change in the future of humanity. The amount we can get done in our own projects and also INCENTIVIZED community based building in NT over the time is beyond comprehension.

And in conclusion, if we focus on building and enabling the best network of builders in crypto gaming we will have one of the most valuable NFT projects and have incredible benefits to all members involved BEYOND just the value of floor price or “flipping” our NFTs.

The Current NFT Meta and It’s Effect On NEO Tokyo

First and foremost I do not want to point the finger anywhere. NEO Tokyo is down from its peaks, the euphoria around it has waned. People are not eager to speculate on it as they once did and currently the dip that resulted in that is very disappointing for all of us. Our founders have a lot of work to do, which I will describe later on here.

I do however want to talk about the current Meta of NFTs and explain our decision making.

Why We Are Not Chasing The Meta

In discord I am constantly asked what is next. This question is essentially asking

-What we plan to drop/give holders next to generate “value”…value being a high floor price and money for holders.

-Why we are not doing what other projects are doing

These are great questions. Our lack of action towards this meta and assuming our goal is to give value by chasing it could become confusing without a clear answer. So let’s answer it.

What Is The NFT Meta

The NFT meta is currently what is being hyped and chase by people looking to make money in NFTs.

In early 2021 the meta was simply ANY nft project. 1 to 1 art, photo projects, punks, moon cats…anything that was an NFT was valuable simply because it was an NFT.

To mid 2021 it became 10,000 piece collections of any kind. Hashmask and similar projects thrived simply because people wanted to hold the art.

Then it became animal PFP pictures. People began valuing NFTs as social status and using them to convey who they are. Projects value was based on how cool it was to have it as your picture.

Then it became communities and alpha. This where NT came in and also around where Kongz or similar community based projects took off.

NT also was on the front end of the “drop” trend with our release of bytes and codes.

This created a lot of speculation on NT as we were smack dab in the meta. This was not purely intended.

However the current meta has mostly shifted towards drops, whitelist and generating pumps for future drops of tokens or NFTs. The trend is then to get people to lock up their NFTs in order to receive these drops etc.

This is blatantly a scheme to create massive artificial speculative driven pumps by creating massive fomo and then limiting supply and then repeating the process over and over as the market allows.

This is a ponzi scheme. Which is fine, most of crypto is. Some of my favorite projects I really like are doing this and I don’t mean for it to be a negative. It simply is what it is. They are enticing people by getting them to buy on the premise of future money, then getting them to lock up what they bought. They then give them an nft/token they can dump/sell to another buyer as a reward. This buyer then locks it up in order to receive another drop they can give to a future buyer.

Eventually there will be to many holders to feed and not enough buyers, this will result in a massive crash. This method also will be super punished in a bear market where drops and tokens have little value.

NEO Tokyo has not followed this meta. Most projects that haven’t as well have suffered as the speculation has moved away from us. This has double hit since metaverse investing is significantly less popular right now.

To be honest it very much sucks when people ask what is next and “building up the community and building together” is not a well received answer.

And to be totally honest…I frankly get it. I realize it must be frustrating watching the current meta, fast money being made and Neo Tokyo being frankly…behind it. I get it. It sucks. I’m busting my butt to organically and naturally make NEO Tokyo as valuable as possible WITHOUT joining in this meta.

When S2 dropped as well as s1, NT was positioned as what I described above. As the meta has moved forward, many holders have wonder why we are not following the current meta of promising future stuff, metaverses, etc and assumed this is what a NFT project should be doing. AKA….what’s next. What do we GET next.

So first…Mark my words. What is NEXT is years of leader AND community driven building to deliver the value I described in part one. The plan is as I described and have always described.

What is NOT next is excessive white list, drops and schemes that attract the general NFT market by promising free money VIA assets they can dump on the market.

If we did this, those attracted would leave as soon as the free money drops stop.

I will also describe this in way more detail later on. I just wanted to be super clear that we will NOT be going headfirst into the current meta of drops and free non stop money.


Quite simple. If a projects value is based around white list, drops, free money…. When the money and drops cannot deliver value, the project dies.

I am extremely reluctant to tie NT to this.

For example if we promised a metaverse and people joined to “get rich early” in this metaverse, the only reason people would be in NT is to make money and sell.

If we dug more into drops, more tokens and white list then people who are attracted to this would simply leave in the bear market leaving NT beyond.

The result in almost all these cases is punishing people who want to stay long term for the vision above by making them liquidity for people that care nothing about the vision and simply extracting as much money as possible before trying to sell “the top”.

In short, the current meta is optimized for speculation. Speculation only helps those that want to speculate and sell. If a person wants to stay long term it hurts them as they get constantly dumped on AND the group become full of flippers/speculators.

This is why I have DEEPLY resisted trying to promise more than what was initial promised in order to fight the current market condition NT is in. This has made our project very unattractive to flippers and hype chasers.

HOWEVER, long term I believe if we stick to the vision our project will become FAR more attractive to the people who care about what I described above. If we continue to attract these people the value of the community and NOT future drops/speculative gains will increase. Thus the floor will increase in a stable way as well due to people valuing the community.

The value of NT HAS to be the community…

I must stress this.

When people mention value in NFTs 99% of the time it means ways for them to make money off the floor or make money via some utility/drop. If you look at active members in NT, they have gotten extreme value from the people the project attract, the projects built in it, the teams/partners they have found, the resources they have and the access they have gotten.

For example I have seen multiple businesses start. People find jobs. People launch successful projects with the community. I personally have received dev work, art work, found employees/had people recruited, legal guidance, token omics guidance…basically an endless trove of business value.

THIS is my goal. This is the type of value I want to focus on provided. I am 150% committed to building NT with this value focus in mind. This is also what I set out to build and I’ve come to be aware people are not so much interested in this form of value right now. I get it, high floors and printing money is fun and it sucks to miss out on it…

However we need to build with a 5 year plan instead of chasing the current monthly meta of NFTs. The current META of nfts in my opinion is a huge top signal and unsustainable. We will run out of money to give away in this space, when that happens people will stop speculating and abandon any project that’s value is tied to “future” nft/token drops.

ONLY projects with a rock solid community vision and behavior will do well after this. This is why ALL my actions as of now focus on this.

So…what should we do then?

The Current Plan For NEO Tokyo

S2 took up a dramatic amount of NT time, dev work and energy. This is fine. S2s are an essential part of NEO Tokyo’s future.

Now that time is free again my main priority is SOLIDIFYING the foundation of NEO Tokyo by fixing outstanding issues and drastically improving our front facing and internal branding.

Once this is done my plan is aggressively attracting the right people into NEO Tokyo and then enabling/pushing for aggressive community building in NEO Tokyo.

In fact I have a simple breakdown of the plan for years.

Leaders attracting smart people + community building their OWN projects and sharing them + community building internal projects and BENEFITTING from them (aka crowdsourced incentivized building) = sustainable long term HIGH VALUE metaverse/crypto gaming community.

Once the foundations of the community are set and tidied up all NEO Tokyo has to do OVER and over is attract the right people and enable their building AND encourage them to share/allow the community to support it.

A perfect example is the new Spectre launch pad being created and shared with NT.

Another example is the outreach team that is has found ENDLESS whitelist and investment oppurtunities for citizens.

Again my goal isn’t to make NT’s value offer whitelist or drops. My goal is enable citizens to build whatever they want and benefit from them as a community. 6,500 builders can outbuild and out deliver any one project.

My goal is to attract people who share/build like this. Then my goal is to enable them.

For example we are trying to enable the outreach team with a pool system fueled by bytes.

Long story short, if we follow this pattern…for years….by the time the true metaverse boom comes we are going to be so far ahead of the curve community, alpha, building, networking, utility, investing, etc wise, that it’s again…beyond comprehension.

In my opinion 6,500 people building their own projects OR being incentivized to build NT projects that ENABLE builders…over the span of years…in the FUTURE largest industry of the world…can deliver 100s of millions to even billions in potential value for members.

This is my big fucking plan. It’s not great for the current meta. But IT IS sustainable and leads to perhaps one of the biggest edges business, investing, and networking wise in the next 5 years.

My job as founder is to find way to make sure NEO Tokyo is attractive to the right people.

Which is why my job is cleaning up the foundation right now and THEN moving it forward marketing wise. Then my next job is enabling the community.

This is what I promise to do and what I will be working on for years. If its not in this scope, I cannot commit to it nor should you speculate on it. This does not mean I won’t be sharing my future projects or work with the community IF and WHEN I launch it. It doesn’t mean there will not be random cool benefits or access when they come across our founding teams desk. I simply am only committing to the vision that I KNOW will work and can be good and that I promised at the start.

The Long Term Value Of NEO Tokyo

I am pretty confident I described this above.

The long term value of NEO Tokyo is not a consistently high floor price or the ability to retire on bytes.

I wish we could always give a crazy high floor and everyone could live passively rich off bytes, but we simply can’t right now without resorting to some unhealthy methods…which will bring us up, attract flippers and then bring us right back down.

The only way forward I see long term is building a great community and building.

Crypto and more so crypto gaming is going to see a VERY BAD bear market here sometime in the next 1-2 years. I cannot promise that floor or investment wise it will be comfy or easy. Crypto and the NFT market will be ALL OVER the place the next few years. Anyone saying otherwise is lying.

However, what am EXTREMELY confident in is the long term value of 6,500 people all working together and building in the biggest cash cow industry of the future.

I am EXTREMELY confident that we will have so much cool incredible shit built inside of NEO Tokyo and be so on the cutting edge that no one will even give a shit what the floor is because of all the value being reaped by BUILDING and working together. In turn…when this happens, the floor that people care about so much will likely go up.

This is the long term value.

Being able to know about every good projects via the alpha. Getting access to and being able to support new start up projects growing inside of NT. Having endless resources of lawyers, developers, networkers in the space. Being able to take part in all the building going on side NT.

This is the long term value over the years and what I want to provide.

White list, drops, all the hyped up speculative shit happening right now ends as soon as this bull market ends and we run out of money to give away. This not long term. Thus is not where my head is focused at right now nor what we build the project around BECAUSE I will still be building here in the bear market when it comes HARD.

Upcoming Things Discussed

At the moment my current focus now that S2 is completed is tightening up the foundation of NT.

The issue that are at the top of priority and why are

Bytes tokenomics

Bytes simply need a better model and are not being used to mint citizens as rapidly as we thought they would be. Due to this we need to alter their inflationary state and focus more on rewarding long term citizens.

To do this we already voted as a community on this and have pushed through a new byte tokenomics update. This can be seen here.

-Website Overhaul

Now that the full functionality of the main site is here, we are overhauling the website design to be way sleeker. In the past the mysterious empty site worked for the brand pretty well. Now that this phase of NT is over we are working on a much slicker almost speak-easy style site that focuses on educating new members.

Why? One of our main goals going forward is attracting new smart members who can contribute. One of the best ways to educate them and introduce them to NT is via our website.

-Discord Overhaul

Now that S2s are full citizens and “everyone” is here, we want to finalize how our discord works. The main goal of this is upgrading our moderation and community organization.

Following this we want to reinforce the main division of NT into their own discord divisions. We then want to empower the leaders of these divisions to expand their discords and build them into what they think is best for their divison.

Basic NT NFT Upgrades

Skin colors, female swaps etc are now also being worked on for s1s.

The Future And What Is Next

Once the foundation NT is cleaned up a bit our next priority is enabling people to build, network and share in NT. What this will look like is extremely uncertain since so many people are building and working on things in NEO Tokyo.

Some extremely good examples of this is what some members are considering by creating Byte pools for the research and outreach teams.

For example an outreach team could create a large “byte” pool. Members could then put in bytes. The team will get “paid” a small % of the pool each month. Members are rewarded based on their contribution in bytes with increased chances for whitelist or presale tokens. In turn the outreach team in charge of the pool is rewarded by performance and the contributors are rewarded based on how much they contribute.

Something similar could be done for research and other divisions. Regardless we constantly see new projects and ideas coming out of NT. My goal is to attract the right people and help enable the connections/networking that helps them achieve their goals.

Then of course we have countless NFT and crypto start up projects emerging out of NEO Tokyo. Members usually come to the community and share their projects with the community first.

On the NT side there’s also a lot of things we are looking at. A byte store that enables people to upgrade their NFTs with different addable layers. We are also looking at creating art swaps within the NFT. On top of this we are very eager to help enable and help interior projects that run on bytes get off the ground.

Again the main priority for us is creating a brand and environment that attracts the best builders in metaverse to us for these things. After this initial round of clean up, this is where almost all our time and focus will be going into.

What Is The Plan For S2

As for S2. My goal for NT was always to have 10,000 members when all the plans were said and done.

At the moment I don’t think 10,000 is needed and I think a community of around 6,500 is the correct size for what we are trying to get done. With the new byte tokenomics I do not see us getting much higher than this current member count.

But what is the plan? The plan for s2s has always been to welcome them into NT and give them access to the community outside of private s1 chat. S2s are meant to be a way for people without $40-$50,000 to enter and begin building NT.

Most software developers, most investors, mostly anyone in the gaming industry does not have $40,000 to $50,000 to join our community. They most certainly did not have the $200,000+ that s1 was at its peak to join as well.

This gives valuable people who do not have millions of dollars the ability to join NT and participate in the vision above.

With this in mind, they do not have the same benefits as s1. S1 has private chats, far richer members and higher level people. They also generate bytes. They are also first in line most of time on project drops.

This is the plan for s2s.

With this in mind, s2s are able to join all the divisions and build INSIDE or OUTSIDE of NT as well as network and benefit from the vision above.

On top of this by being a part of NT I have always stated myself and E plan to share our projects in various ways with NT citizens. These projects are not all close to release so in order to avoid speculation or tying NT to them to deeply we keep them close to our chest.

S2 or s1 membership will be a requirement to interact or benefit from any projects that run on bytes in the future and likely get into any raffles or community lead projects.

In Conclusion

I wanted to take a moment to get all my general thoughts down. This is something I’m looking to do weekly based on community feedback and what I am seeing in discord.

I personally am extremely excited about what will be happening over the next few years. While the recent month has been rocky, what I’ve seen from builders in discord and the community has made me more confident in the long term of NT. More people are focused on what we can create and building/supporting other projects FROM NT. This is exactly what we set out to do and its getting the spotlight as most speculators have left.

This said, I will also be placing a FAQ section based on questions I see consistently asked inside of discord.

I’ll be back next week here with more thoughts and how we are doing.