Incentivized Building…The Future Of NEO Tokyo

Incentivized Building…The Future Of NEO Tokyo

Citizen. It’s Becker. Let’s talk about something.

So in my last post HERE (please read if you are not aware of our vision for NEO Tokyo) I discussed the future of NEO Tokyo and the overall “plan”. What I want to do in this post is go into the specifics of something I think is truly game changing and sustainable.

Quick Summary

In the last post I talked about how NEO Tokyo will not be subscribing to the latest meta because it’s simply unsustainable. I really want to double down here because like it or not the current meta is LETHAL for short term gains. I 100% get people being upset because we won’t follow it. If you’re short term oriented person seeing everyone else make money in drop pumps while you don’t is upsetting. If your a long term holder the floor roller coaster is stressful. I get it.

That said I have covered why are are not doing it in my last post. If your curious about that please read it, there is a link above. Now let’s move to the future.

A Better Way (And The Point Of This Post)

In order for a project to be valuable long term the value of the project…MUST BE THE NFT AND THE COMMUNITY.

The entire goal and vision of NEO Tokyo is around networking and building as a community. I stated in the last post that the amount of value 6500 people can build and share with each other over the span of years IN the futures biggest industry (crypto gaming) is unfathomable. I’m talking 100s to billions of dollars worth.

Now…I always strongly encourage people to build THEIR own projects. NEO Tokyo isn’t some work camp or job center where people come to “build for the cause”.

However we are also in a very unique position to put our main goals of community networking, sharing and building on steroids WHILE giving some serious long term value to the project.

I’m calling this incentivized building.

What Is Incentivized Building

Like I stated above, crypto projects whose basis is “We will give you free shit for simply existing” are doomed. What a better way to attract free loaders who don’t give a flaming fuck about a project and will turbo dump when they think there’s no more money to be made for simply owning the NFT.

But what about a project whose basis is “The community will benefit from the value the community creates and those that contribute will benefit the most.”.

This creates a chain reactions where people build things for the community and are rewarded. The community then benefits from this and the value of the community goes up. Then people AGAIN build more to get rewarded, the community benefits from this and the community value goes up. Repeat this over and over.

NEO Tokyo is in a VERY unique position to do this because of how many builders our project has and because of $BYTES. We can literally incentivize the building and use of things that REINFORCE the value of networking and building.

If a person is rewarded or has a chance to make financial gains by building for the community they will do it. If the community benefits from what the person builds they will use it and the builder will make revenue and the community will grow in value. If the community grows in value NEO Tokyo benefits.

The builder, the community and the NEO Tokyo brand all benefit.

Let’s Look At A Potential Example.

Let’s imagine a builder in NEO Tokyo wants to build a “pool” system for white list and presale allocations.

NEO Tokyo can review his proposal and on the basis that it will

A) Run on bytes

B) Benefit the community and people using it

C) Is for S2 and S1 citizens only

If it does these things, NEO Tokyo then enables the builder. This can be done in two ways.

A) The builder can build under the NEO Tokyo brand. This of courses gives him potential users right from the get go.

B) In certain cases if the benefits are incredibly high NEO Tokyo can FUND the builder. This is not guaranteed and will be on a case by case basis.

So let’s imagine this builder then builds the pool system. Let’s also imagine it works like this.

Outreach teams can create POOLS where people pool in their bytes. The outreach team then gets a small % of the bytes in each pool AS well as the initial POOL system builder. Let’s say maybe 2% to the team and .2% to the builder.

People then get raffles/allocations based on their contribution to the total pool. They can remove their contribution at any time and lose this as well.

What does this do?

A) It incentivized building an asset that generates the NT community value

B) It created a system that incentivizes high value networking/activity via a outreach system

C) It incentivizes the builder and teams to PERFORM for the community since their revenue is tied to the performance of the new asset and their POOL performance

D) It gives people who simply want to reap value a way to do so in a sustainable way by contributing bytes

Let’s imagine we did something similar with a citizen “upgrade” store.

Because citizens are layered works of art, not a whole image but images stacked on eachother, it is quite simple to layer on ANYTHING on top of the NFT art. This could be animations, effects, frames, badge etc.

Imagine a builder made this upgrade store and users could then open their OWN citizen upgrade art stores where they make their OWN art for citizens that can be layered on as NFT additional nfts..

The builder gets a cut of all sales, the citizens running the stores get paid in BYTES for their upgrade art, the buyers benefit from upgrading their citizens and more utility. NEO Tokyo benefits as a whole from more value and utility.

This System Works

Incentivized building works because the value of the project is coming from the VALUE of the project and what the community builds. Not drops given to holders to dump on the market and potential for speculative gains.

It also rewards the #1 thing that NEO Tokyo is all about AND it’s core value proposition. This is NETWORKING AND BUILDING.

There are hundreds…even thousands of useful apps/projects that can be built to enhance the community BY the community. Research lab tips, news tips, citizen enhancements, pets, VR spaces, games, events. It’s endless. With the value of bytes and bytes value being pegged to the value of s1 citizens and being now deflationary after our next update, these systems can run on a token that is based on HARD value. Not speculative.

With this hard token we can essentially put our communities main focus…building and networking on steroids. Yes, people are already doing this. However, human nature is human nature. There is always going to need to be some incentive to give, share and build for others.

Bytes can be used to reward the good behavior and create a community where you can contribute either by using the systems OR building them. AKA gain value by contributing…not just existing and waiting around for free shit before you try to “dump the top”.

The most cool thing is the more value is created, the more value is attached to OWNING the nft and being in the community. The basis of the NFT is no longer speculation or bullshit ponzi schemes…but a financial transaction of value.

For example a gaming crypto developer could see what we are building and how much their is to gain from our networking. They can then LOGICALLY say….shit those resources are worth $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 to my project. With NEO Tokyo behind me it will make it WAY easier for me to build a $10,000,000 gaming project.


The Path Is Clear

I truly don’t see how to run a project like this for years when the main source of the value is potential speculation. At the peak of NEO Tokyos floor very very very few people cared about the vision and the plan and most will admit they held for one reason…Because they thought they could sell for higher later on.

If the basis of our community is “I holding because I think the price will go higher or Becker will give me free shit” then every time our community hits a speculative high or there isn’t free shit planned, we will turbo dump and stress out our real holder.

The value must must must must be the community, networking and its resources. We can turbo charge all of these things with incentivized building and TURBO charge the value our project already has.